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Endangered Species of the Week: Amur Leopard

We need to raise awareness for all those animals who are being hunted in the world.


Amur Leopard Population-Scientific American Blog

Amur leopards are the fourth most endangered species in the world, and the most endangered cat. There are less than 80 left in the wild. These leopards’ coats are worth more than $1000, causing hunters to shoot them almost to extinction. But is the death of an entire species worth thousands of dollars?

Not convinced?

Imagine you have a pet. (If you already have a pet, think about yours.) You love your pet and it loves you back. You are playing with your pet. Suddenly there’s a knock on the door. A big man with a gun is there. He dashes inside your house and then shoots your pet. Then he takes your pet and skins it, selling it at the market for big money.

Still not convinced?

Imagine you are playing or reading or whatever in your house. You are minding your own business, not hurting anyone. Then you hear a thump. Your door has just been kicked down! A guy wearing red barges through with an AK-47 (A type of gun). He shoots you and your last moments are of excruciating pain. Then he skins you and sells you at the market for a thousand dollars. Your family has nothing to bury. One week later your family has been shot and sold as well. To top it all your house is mowed down and becomes a jail that believes in torturing. Oh well, but at least you’re not involved. Oops! You are! You’re dead!

Still not convinced?

Then you are officially cruel and thoughtless. Congratulations on hating animals.

Fun facts:

  • The Amur leopard is also known as the Far East leopard, Manchurian leopard, or Korean leopard.
  • It’s scientific name is Panthera pardus orientalis.
  • The males’ height is 2.1 – 2.6 ft at the shoulder.
  • They live 10-15 years in the wild.

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