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Posts published in “Day: May 9, 2018”

Les Misérables (Manga Classics) By Victor Hugo: A Summary

Les Misérables is about a girl, Cosette. It begins with Cosette’s mother giving her to a money-wanting innkeeper because she needs to find work. Cosette’s mother does eventually find a job. However, the innkeeper keeps demanding money and makes up excuses. For example, during the winter, they force her to give them money for a winter dress. When she sends…

Why Black Panther is the Best Superhero Movie of All Time

by Tristin Hurst The new Marvel Superhero Movie Black Panther came out on February 16th. In this article I will  be discussing key points, themes, and much more that came up in Black Panther. It makes sense that Black Panther during Black History Month since this is Marvel’s first African American Superhero movie. But I can’t help but notice that…

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