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Posts published in May 2019


Welcome to the Grayson Globe literary section, featuring short stories and poetry from Globe staff and others. Intrested in having your story featured? Email your 2-page max story to (only available for students) What fun it is to play the sun on a open sight of moon.And I wonder who or how it does it every sunny dusk.What fun…

Cooking: How to Make Charoset

Welcome to the Grayson Globe cooking section, home of conventional and modern recopies. Charoset is a traditional Jewish food often served on Passover. INGREDIENTS: Apples - Aprox. 15 Assorted dried fruit (pitted) Red grape juice - 1 cup Peel the apples Cut the peeled apples into tiny little pieces. Put the aforementioned apples in a large mixing bowl Cut up…

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