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Posts published in December 2019

Ho Ho No

I’ve always wondered how the jolly old man got through chimneys.

Club Feature: Woodworking

Grayson has, from the very beginning, had a powerful focus on the shop. Last year, we had a Maker Space, but with the caveat of having to pack it up every week, given that it was a shared space. Now that we’ve moved into a new space, we have a two fully stocked rooms that can serve as a place…

Terrible Thanksgiving?

Here are 5 questionable foods you won’t be thankful for! Turkey Dinner Layer Cake This cake may look tasty, but you don’t want a piece of this! What looks like a cake is actually alternating layers of stuffing and ground turkey mixed with instant oatmeal, “frosted” with mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes, and topped with lightly browned mini marshmallows. Mmmmm?…

SOS: Save Our Sharks

Hi, everyone! it’s SaltySobble and I am writing my first article ever! This article is facts about sharks and how to do your part in saving them. Over 100 million sharks are killed each year!  There are over 300 types of sharks, and most shark species are threatened or endangered. It is little known that sharks are usually not deadly.…

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