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Posts published in “Day: November 20, 2020”

7 Food Trends of 2020

By Bluesun Pea Protein With the rise of plant-based diets, pea protein is going to be a big hit. The health and fitness industry has grown to a whopping 34.1 billion dollars ( ). Plant-based diets have become really popular because of the rising concern over the climate crisis and the recent growth in the popularity of veganism.  Kombucha Kombucha…

Craft Corner: Festive Bead Corn

Every time the Grayson Globe is published, I will put in a different craft. This time the craft is bead corn!!! What you need: 4 pipe cleaners (shades of brown or tan preferred) Beads How to make it: Put all 3 of the pipe cleaners together in the middle. Next, twist it so that the sections are even. 2. Put…

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