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Posts published in “Day: May 19, 2021”

The History of Pride Flags: Rainbow

Pride flags are a huge part of symbolizing the LGBTQ+ community. Like all things, they have history. So we are making a series explaining all of the pride flags, what they symbolize, who they represent, and the history of them. First off is going to be the rainbow pride flag.  The rainbow flag was the original pride flag, representing the…

Excerpt from the Hero’s Handbook: Horror Genre Survival

Being a horror protagonist is less than fun. While other protagonists gain magic powers or make friends, horror protagonists are stuck running from unspeakable terrors. You, as a horror protagonist, will no doubt feel confused, scared, and overwhelmed, and that could cause you to do some dumb things. But protagonists who do these dumb things end up damaged or killed. So, horror protagonist, stay calm and follow these tips, and you might just live through the night.

Sport of the Week: Soccer

Soccer is a sport played with a spherical ball called a soccer ball. Players must kick the ball to the other team’s goalpost. Then, they get a point. However, the other team tries to get the ball in your goalpost. 1 person from each team is designated as the “goalie”. Only the goalies can touch the ball with their hands.…

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