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Posts published in April 2022

Clementon Park: A blast to the past

Once upon a time, the outskirts of America’s cities were populated with amusement parks. Then, suddenly, they weren’t. Trolley parks came into being around the turn of the century, as Trolley companies, lacking business on the weekends, built parks at the end of their lines to draw out families and their fares. But after the trolley companies shut down, so…

Wordle Variations That Should Be A Thing

Wordle Variations That Should Be A Thing Wordle–we all know it, and love it (except when it’s a word that doesn’t include A, I, or E). But with all of the Wordle variations coming out like Nerdle (math wordle) and Worldle (geography Wordle), what are some variations that should exist? Celebrity Wordle A version of Wordle where you are given…

Thybulle Can’t Play in Toronto

Matisse Thybulle, the Philadelphia 76ers star small forward, has a problem. He can’t play playoff games in Toronto. As of press time, Toronto requires all athletes playing in stadiums to be vaccinated, which Thybulle is not. However, the 76ers have still been given a 76% chance of advancing to the next round of the playoffs by 538.

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