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My Completely Crazy Theory for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

by Tristin Hurst

I’m just letting you know that this article will not hold back from spoiling nearly everything about Fantastic Beasts as well as key points from the books of Harry Potter. So if you’re not up to date, I would recommend you get up to date before reading this article.

The new Fantastic Beasts movie sparked a whole lot of conversation. Some were positive and others were negative. It really bothers me that people have no faith that the author J.K. Rowling knows what she’s doing. Critics called this movie not as magical and even fans said that there was a major plothole (spoiler) involving Credence Barebone, or Credence Dumbledore I should say. The latest movie revealed that Credence may or may not be the brother of Albus Dumbledore. Critics say that Albus Dumbledore is twenty years older and neither of his parents could of had a baby past 1900 which wouldn’t make sense because Credence Barebone was roughly eighteen during the time of the first film in 1926. I am here to defend this movie and poke the plotholes in the plothole.

Percival Dumbledore married, who would soon change her name to Kendra Dumbledore and they had three kids: Albus, Aberforth and Ariana. Albus Dumbledore, beloved Wizarding World character; Aberforth Dumbledore, a troubled but clever person who was charged for multiple felonies; And last but not least Ariana Dumbledore who lived a confusing life. She was rumored a squib but she was actually abused by three Muggle boys when young. It is unclear her exact story but I am led by the recent Fantastic Beasts movies to believe that she is an obscurrial. Since the release on November 16th, 2018, people have been trying to make sense of it all by any means possible. One fan went as far as to say that Credence might be Ariana in disguise. Now it’s time to add my crazy theory that makes just enough sense to make it, or so I think.

This theory might get confusing at times but stay with me. In the near beginning of TCOG, Dumbledore stated a legend that a phoenix would come to any Dumbledore in need but no phoenix has been seen since he left his great-grandfather (of sorts) many years ago. No matter what I know that Credence (if brother at all) is Albus’s half-brother. While it’s not beyond the fictional universe, I’ve found it stays away from bringing people back to life (Credence being the rare exception) so I doubt it has anything to do with Kendra Dumbledore (Albus’s mother). She died in an accident in 1900 that I believe has something to do with Ariana being an obscurrial. However, Percival Dumbledore (Albus’s father) was sent to Azkaban sometime around 1890 for avenging the assault of his daughter (the three muggle boys). The only thing else we know that he died sometime after that in prison, but we know that Azkaban is not completely foolproof. Barty Crouch Jr. escaped by using Polyjuice potion to swap places with his mother and Sirius Black simply just turned into his dog animagus. Even if he was dead before 1900, that leads me into the crazy part of my theory.

When seeing the second movie, I expected an explanation about Credence survived but instead we were just told he survived from ministry officials and that’s all we got. I have been led to believe that this is not an accident. I think Credence is a phoenix Maledictus (someone cursed to live forever as a certain non-human creature). Now, I’ve probably lost you by now but stay with me. I know what Dumbledore said about the phoenix and anyone who read all of the Harry Potter books know that hidden details and subtle phrases are everything. I think Credence has always been a phoenix without clearly realizing it. He died in the first movie and was reborn again by a year later. Now you’re probably thinking: “But wouldn’t he be a baby?” And the answer is yes, he would, and we was! We know that phoenixes have different lifespans than humans do. In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets we see Dumbledore’s bird Fawkes die and be reborn as a baby, in the Order of the Phoenix we see him as a full fledged adult. So no matter what phoenixes can grow from a baby to an adult within three years. However, then how would no one notice Credence turned eighteen within three years. I think he can age much faster if he is in phoenix form but not necessarily in human form. I think he found out and took advantage of this and spent a few months hidden as a phoenix into New York until he was old enough again to flee to Paris, France. 

I need more to go on, and I realize that but if you think about it, it could make sense. Maybe Kendra Dumbledore cheated on her husband and had Credence and he died at an early age, just to be unwillingly reborn again. Or maybe Percival Dumbledore did this. Either way, the plot twist at the end of the movie isn’t completely unrealistic and it disappoints me that there was a division in the Wizarding fandom. I continue to support J.K. Rowling (the person who created a whole universe with endless information within thirteen years using seven books and eight movies, who also continues to expand her universe for a new generation) and the material she creates.

The Doge is Out.

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