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Cooking: How to Make Toad-In-a-Hole

Editor’s note: Welcome to the Grayson Globe Cooking Section, with both conventional and modern recipes to try at home.

Toad-in-the-Hole, also called ‘egg in the basket’ is a quick, easy and delicious breakfast. It is best eaten alone – with water close at hand.

- Sandwich Bread (not to soft), one piece.
- Eggs
- Small cup or bowl
  1. Take a piece of sandwich bread and make a circular hole in it with a cup.
  2. Break a egg against the countertop and put in a cup if the yolk is not broken. If it is, try again.
  3. Butter a pan and pan-toast the bread with the hole in it and the hole on medium-low
  4. Flip bread and hole, put the egg in the hole and keep cooking for four minutes.
  5. Take hole out, cook the bread and egg until top of egg is not liquidy.
  6. Take bread/egg out of pan.
  7. Slather yolk over break and hole.
  8. Enjoy.

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