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Les Misérables (Manga Classics) By Victor Hugo: A Summary

Les Misérables is about a girl, Cosette. It begins with Cosette’s mother giving her to a money-wanting innkeeper because she needs to find work. Cosette’s mother does eventually find a job. However, the innkeeper keeps demanding money and makes up excuses. For example, during the winter, they force her to give them money for a winter dress. When she sends a winter dress, they give it to their own daughter. Soon, Cosette’s mom loses her job. The innkeeper then says Cosette has a bad disease and asks for 100 francs for the medicine. Cosette’s mom has to sell her hair, coat, and two front teeth for a disease Cosette has never had. Later, Cosette’s mom gets ice down her back and smoke in her face from a man who wants to provoke her. She then hits him and gets sentenced to court. A man, who is the mayor, saves her and takes her to the hospital. She is sick from cold and wants to see Cosette.

Back at the inn, Cosette is still being treated unfairly, like a horrible slave. At the hospital, Cosette’s mom asks the mayor to get Cosette for her. He actually goes to a meeting and when he comes back, Cosette’s mom is dead. He goes to the inn and sees Cosette struggling to bring a heavy bucket of water to the inn. He helps her. When they get to the inn, he checks in for the night. He gives Cosette a doll that was really expensive and buys her some play time. In the morning, he buys Cosette from the innkeeper. The innkeeper tells him to give them more money but the mayor refuses and leaves with Cosette.

Cosette eventually grows up. She and her “father,” the mayor, sit on a bench every day. Another man always sits across from their bench. The man and Cosette like each other but don’t know each other’s names. One day, Cosette leaves behind a napkin with some initials on it. He thinks it was her name. Later the man comes to Cosette’s home and they talk.  However, a war comes and the book takes a sharp turn…Read the book to find out more!


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