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 Welcome to the Grayson Globe literary section, featuring short stories and poetry from Globe staff and others. Intrested in having your story featured? Email your 2-page max story to (only available for students)

What fun it is to play the sun on a open sight of moon.
And I wonder who or how it does it every sunny dusk.
What fun it is to do a dance a sight of a sunny noon.

What love it comes when chance to come, a sight chance of a couple loons.
And how wonder what this happens when the moment breaks to late.
Does it spill so slow like a little broken twig on a clean ice slope.
Or is it swim on and on the small trickle, flowing, fresh stream.
With endless end with to come on a journey so sweet.

And who to take the blame, and who leaves, and goes.
But it can be so clear, so clear now on the winter snow
But it can’t no be no no it can’t be no harder past rigid glow.
The glow of destination, of connections, on the mountains, of the snow.
Of the sunny trees hanging down and the sandy seas beneath your toes.

O it never end the endless journey you find yourself to become.
So it deep the depths even bigger trench for someone to find and to be found.
And so it somehow makes tallest mountains to pray the smaller peaks below.

O it never end the endless journey you find yourself to become.
And o it never end the endless journey for you to be the founder of it.
And I never stop my endless goals for me to live and fire.
So I never stop or do the leaving of my land.

And we all never end the quest to find our greatest goals.
So we all never stop the end of the endless odyssey of love.
So we all never end the adventure to become the greatest one.

Written by EBDubs, a reporter at the Grayson Globe

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