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Cheese Caves

Have you ever thought about why almost everything we eat has cheese in it? In fact, according to Bloomberg News, we’re each eating an average of about 35 pounds a year. That is a lot, but I believe it because, in our homes, cheese gets sprinkled on everything. According to Bloomberg, the government started tracking cheese data in 1975.

In the 1970s, as Americans sat in long gas lines and watched the economy fall, they faced another crisis: a sudden shortage of dairy products. At first, dairy prices shot up 30 percent as the price of other food inflated. When the government tried to intervene, prices fell so low that the dairy industry started to break.

To solve all of this, the government, with President Jimmy Carter, bought 2 million dollars worth of cheese. It was a smart idea and it worked, because the dairy industry stabilized. But with one catch…now they had all this cheese, and nothing to do with it, or somewhere put it!

The government started to put the cheese in deep caves they found in California. They started handing cheese out to needy families. It began to be known as ‘Government Cheese’. They used the cheese to make things such as pizza and mac and cheese.

Last year, the national cheese stockpile hit an all-time high, with 1.39 billion pounds of surplus cheese sitting in American warehouses.

That’s a LOT of cheese.

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  1. Random Person Random Person November 13, 2019

    This is interesting, but wouldn’t the cheese become infected and eaten up by cave-dwelling animals?

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