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Meet the Q3 Team!

We at the Grayson Globe are extremely exited for the second semester, thanks to the new faces on our team. In celebration, we would like to formally introduce you.



Hello there! I’m J-V-J, head of the Globe. I’ve been around since the first year of Globeness and I am so glad that we’ve been able to continue for so long.

Everything’s better with wings


I write articles.

“Oh wow, I didn’t know that!”

Yeah, it’s hard to guess isn’t it.

I like drawing comics, wolves, and dragons.

So yeah.

Burn The World, Keep the Food

Free Dolphin

“rjdtfgjfhhfxhycgghjvhkjbgfcklgvhhjbcfg hbfgc ghi”

Free Dolphin, Mar 2020
Writing random things since last year


An adolescent human male, random writes about geopolitics and local politics. politiiiics.

A gamer publishing awesome articles since late 2019


Globe’s newest member. Dog enthusiast and adolecent animal activist.

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