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7 Dog Myths Busted!

It’s SaltySobble with another article! Sorry I was gone for so long, I had play practice and have been very busy.

Myth 1: All pit bulls are dangerous.

OBVIOUSLY NO. People think pit bulls are dangerous because:

1. They are very muscular.

2. Some misinformed people breed them for DOGFIGHTING, which to me is a crime against “dogmanity.” But seriously, it’s an actual crime. President Trump recently signed the Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act (PACT) into law.  This law now makes animal abuse a federal crime.

Also, I have a pit bull mix puppy named Bones, who loves people!

Myth 2: Dogs are colorblind. 

They aren’t. Scientists found that dogs’ retinas have 2 of the 3 types of photo receptors that humans have. They can see most colors.

Myth 3: If your dog has a wagging tail, it is happy and/or excited.

A wagging tail can also mean fear, anxiety or be an action that happens before aggression. It can still mean a happy or excited dog but it doesn’t always.

Myth 4: Garlic is a remedy for fleas and ticks.

If you do this, say hello to hemolytic anemia (where your body attacks your red blood cells). Dogs are like vampires when it comes to garlic. Treating hemolytic anemia can be very expensive and requires your dog to be in the hospital for several days! 

Myth 5: Dogs cannot eat any human food.

Dogs cannot eat SOME human food, like chocolate. They can eat food like carrots and blueberries. For more information, see this article: Can My Dog Eat This?

Myth 6: Rubbing your dog’s nose in its urine/feces when they have accidents in the house helps with housebreaking.

WHO CAME UP WITH THIS?? THAT IS DISGUSTING AND UNHEALTHY!!!!!!!!!!! Other than being disgusting and unhealthy, this also makes your dog think you don’t want it to pee ANYWHERE, and that causes problems too. Also, it may cause your dog to eat its own feces and drink its own urine in order to avoid punishment. Instead, what you should do is say “NO!” in a firm tone and let the dog outside.

Myth 7: A dry nose means a dog is sick.

It means your dog hasn’t licked its nose in a while or it just needs some water. A dry nose is not a concern unless it lasts a while or it is accompanied by other symptoms. This myth has caused a lot of false alarms and unnecessary vet bills.

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