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Dogs or Cats? A Debate!

Many debates have been settled, but one very old question has remained unanswered. Are cats better than dogs? Or the other way around? This question has been asked for centuries with minds on both sides: which “best friend” takes the crown?


From a husky to a poodle to a golden retriever, dogs have been with humans forever. Some studies suggest the first dogs were domesticated around 33,000 years ago from gray wolves. Ever since then, dogs have been a part of our lives, and their presence started to become more common. I think that these “best friends” are the winners in the “Dog Versus Cat Challenge.”

First, dogs were used for hunting animals alongside their owners, which was very helpful when humans went looking for food. Their keen noses helped sniff out the nearest prey, and that helped make sure that mouths were fed for the night. If you think about it, dogs might even be the reason our Great Great Great Great Great Great grandmothers and grandfathers ate dinner! We relied on dogs to survive. What can a cat do to help you live? Nothing, that’s what.

Next, dogs only see their owners as their best friends. They are incredibly loyal and they love their humans with all of their hearts. One dog lived with his owner and often waited at the train station when he came home from work. Sadly, the dog’s owner died at work. But the dog waited at the train station for 10 years until he eventually passed away too. It is sad, but it shows how much dogs love you. 

Finally, dogs have saved many people’s lives and helped them. Some blind folks use the assistance of a dog because they trust their furry friend to lead them to the right place without getting lost or hurt. Some hospital dogs can suspect when a storm is coming or if a patient is in trouble. That’s a total “doggie superpower!” Police dogs can help officers sniff out where someone or something is, and they are often used to look for survivors in wreckages and avalanches. Dogs are lifesavers for some people out there. Take that, Team Cat!!

With their loyalty, reliability, and special skills, dogs are obviously the best pet in the world. Go “Team Dog!!!”


 Cats are MUCH cooler than dogs in my opinion. These fluffy nappers are the pet you need in your life. Cats are easy to take care of, and they still bring joy to humankind. Cute, chill, keen, and lovable, cats win the challenge.

First of all, although many people like dogs, they make messes! If you have a dog, you must have a lot of cleaning to do after a muddy day. Lucky for you, cats know how annoying that feels and keep themselves clean! Every now and then, cats need a little trip to the groomer, but so do dogs and humans. Also, they don’t need the amount of bath-time that dogs get, which means less water used and less work. It’s a win-win.

Cats don’t need much from humans. They can usually adapt to new houses easily, like small spaces or apartments. Also, most apartment owners can’t get dogs because dogs need a lot of outside time and attention. Without these things, they would be miserable. Cats don’t need outside time. But like dogs, they like to be loved!

Cats also can help you! Cuddling a cat is said to lower your blood pressure. Also, watching cats play makes you laugh, which might make you a bit happier. Waking up to your precious kitty sleeping next to you is a wonderful way to wake up. Cats help boost your mood, which then boosts your happiness, which then could affect many other good things. An improved mood might help people get promoted or make someone else happy. All because of you and your wonderful kitty cat.

Also, cats LOVE YOU. I think a lot of people think cats are just independent, uncaring, BRATS, but they really aren’t anything like that. My cat greets me every day when I come home from school. He may not run up like a dog and jump on you, but he still comes and follows me. Cats have the same amount of love for you as dogs, and maybe even more. 

I think that cats are better pets than dogs for everything they do. Hurray for “Team Cat!!!”

Now it’s up to you!! Take this survey to make your answer clear and we will see if Grayson likes Purrs or Paws. Every vote counts! 

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