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Top 10 Fashion Trends of 2020

Translucent Clothing
Fashion Week 2017

Meringue Sleeves

Via creative commons

Skirts for Men

ConanGray via/ Instagram


Harry styles/via Instagram 

Neon Green

Via creative commons

Sustainable Clothing

My Top 3 trends 

1. Skirts

I think this is so amazing that people are combating the horrible world of toxic masculinity. It makes me feel so empowered. Eco approved!

2. Translucent Clothing 

It is very fresh and dewy in my opinion. It just feels relaxing and very calming in the picture. Eco approved!

3. Neon Green

I love this bold, extreme, and extravagant trend. It is a very big K-Pop-inspired trend. I would wear it in public. Eco approved!

4. Crochet

It’s very cozy and I would match it with a lot of things

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