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“Vile Victorians” Book Review

Vile Victorians

From the series “Horrible History”
By Terry Deary
A book review by Boongirl

If you are having a hard time feeling grateful this holiday season, then this book is for you! It lets you travel back in time to the Victorian Era. You will see all of the hardships that Victorians had to endure. You will learn what it was like to be a lowly servant, an unwanted child, and a powerless factory worker. You will learn about the different kinds of jobs you could choose from, the punishment you would be given when you do not do your job perfectly, and tons of other vile and surprisingly overlooked facts!!

For example, this book lets you picture yourself as a Victorian child working in a nail factory. If you made a crooked nail, you were forced to have an ear piercing with that nail. OUCH!!!! Sounds like a job I might not want!

I liked this book because it teaches you history but also while keeping it interesting. It paints an accurate picture of what it really was like to live in that time period. This book is also quite funny. I personally learned a lot from this book but it was also an enjoyable read. It made me very grateful for the life that I have. I live with parents who want me as opposed to wanting to kill me!!

I think this is also a great book for teachers to assign to their class because it is entertaining, and gives the reader a backdrop for helping them better understand the Victorian Era. It makes history interesting and fun. I think that this is a great book.

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