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Race To The Sun Book Review

Race To The Sun
By Rebbeca Roanhorse

In Race To The Sun, a young Native American girl named Nizoni finds herself leading a quest to stop evil monsters and rescue her long-lost mother while still arriving at the sun in enough time to save the world. The story revolves around four trials that Nizoni, her brother, and best friend have to endure to get the tools they need to save the human race.

I like this book because I think that the author does a good job at making the story seem realistic, all while keeping it exciting. She includes Native American legends and makes them a big part of the story. I also like how even the stuffed animals in this story have feelings too. (You’ll love Mr. Yazzie, the talking horned toad, who is quirky and entertaining!!) 

The author does a great job of setting up the characters and making them relatable and lovable. They have hopes and dreams just like us. I enjoyed  how much the story relates to real life from the standpoint of what the main characters go through. They experience the same things that kids in their tweens go through, like not being popular, being teased, and only having one friend . 

This is a truly heartfelt and very sweet novel. Nizoni experiences what it is like to have the stress of the burden of the world on her shoulders. She is your average middle school student. It makes me feel like anything could happen. Like maybe I could do what she does. 

I love and highly recommend this book. I think that you would like it.

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