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Music (2021) by Sia Review


Kazu “Zu” Gamble (Kate Hudson) is a newly-sober drug dealer who is estranged from her family and the sole guardian of her younger autistic half-sister Music (Maddie Ziegler), following the death of her grandmother who raised Music. Throughout the film, musical-like sequences take place inside Music’s mind, showing how she views the world.

Zu deals drugs with the help of her close friend Rudy but is unable to pay him back as she doesn’t have a job and is forced to stay in town in order to take care of Music. One morning, Music has a tantrum when Zu is unable to braid her hair. Her neighbor Ebo Odom comes to help calm Music down.

Through this, Zu and Ebo become good friends and start to learn more about each other including Ebo’s own family story; that this wife left him for his brother. This makes him someone Zu can rely upon and she then promises to accompany him a wedding when he is invited so that he is not alone.

Ebo is a boxer who teaches kids boxing as well, one of them being Felix, who watches over Music. He doesn’t like boxing but is forced to do it by his father but he is more caring and loveable than anyone thinks. Zu learns how to take care of Music with Ebo there to help her but still has to deal with drugs so that she can fly to Costa Rica and live a good life.

However, Ebo suddenly disappears but is found when Zu discovers that he is suffering from HIV and buying medication from Rudy. This makes life a bit harder for Zu because she doesn’t have help anymore from her friend.

When Zu and Music go on a walk, Zu is distracted when Music is stung by a bee and has an allergic reaction. She is later hospitalized. Zu finds out that she can’t pay for the treatment as she lost her bag while Music was stung, which contained all her personal belongings and drugs that she was supposed to deal.

The catalyst of events causes Zu to start drinking again after being clean. Zu causes a scene when trying to stay with Ebo while drunk and the police are called, revealing that she is on probation. The same night, Felix’s parents get into a physical altercation which results in his father accidentally killing him.

Zu wakes up the next morning with a bleeding nose and is distraught that she has no one to turn to. Ebo, with Zu and Music with him, arrives at his brother and ex-wife’s wedding. Meanwhile, Zu drops Music off at an adoption center but is unable to bring herself to do it. Zu decides to turn up at the wedding to accompany Ebo as planned and prepares to sing for Ebo’s brother.

However, Music interrupts and sings herself showing that she is happy with how things have turned out for her. Music later receives a new dog, one that Felix had seen abandoned before.(description from

In this, we are going to talk about my views on the movie. Sia is one of my favourite artists and I think she is so talented and amazing, but this movie dissapointed me. First, the actress Maddie Ziegler played an autistic character. I am ok with her playing an autistic character but the fact that the movie used autistic stereotypes to describe Music kind of disapointed me.

The movie had high goals to try to fit in information like domestic violence, autistic awareness, drug overuse, etc. but fitting that many issues in a movie can be problematic and confusing and I think they barely made the cut-off

She used music, colors, dance, etc. to describe the moment and Music’s mind at the time. I loved the music and dance, but I think many people including my parents didn’t understand its meaning. Also, I think that if an autistic person were to try to watch this they would feel offended and uncomfortable because of the loud music and the colors.

I thought I hopes with this movie but I sadly would have to give it a 3.8/5 stars.


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