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The Fashion Trends Of 2021

2020 was a crazy year but it brings new turf for fashion. With experimentation and adjustments back into “real-life” we have created a hybrid fashion system. With rising social media (TikTok, Instagram, etc.) people have created their own looks and styles while supporting more sustainable fashion and small businesses. Someone does something that starts a trend. This starts a clash of fashion (or as I like to call it the fash-clash) that starts this year off on a good foot. Let’s get into it. 

@emmachamberlain                                                           via:insta

Multi-Patterns & Textures

I like to think of this trend as a melting pot of everything. In some ways, it’s saying “Even with our differences we can come together and look *stunning.*” An easy way to do this is to close your eyes in your closet. First, grab a pair of pants. Secondly, grab a shirt. Then, grab a covering (jacket, cardigan, vest, puffer) and grab a belt or corset and a pair of $unnie$. Then put it on and look ☀️stunning☀️. 

@erisbaker        via: insta

Chunky Rings

“To be chunky or not to be plastic.” Okkkkkkkkk. So, this is a newer trend that has gained the approval of Eris Baker, Bella Hadid, Emma Chamberlain, and more celebrities. The trend involves plastic rings in all sorts of shapes. The most common colors are pastels and neons with the exception of see-through with custom fillings.  With the rise of having rings in general this trend was definitely a runway.  This trend has personally gained my liking. 

Pastel Pants

This trend was inspired by Harajuku fashion. It originated with the soft aesthetic. It’s comfy and doesn’t work with every outfit but still can be styled well. This trend is super new but I personally think it won’t last too long because this is a spring trend style. 

@houseofsunny @asos


I loveeeee this trend. They can easily go with any t-shirt or even just on their own. 

They are comfy and stretchable, they just work.  It’s an easy staple that can be in your closet. So yes, I approve. 


Bucket Hat

Oh, the bucket hat. Oh. Oh yes.  This works with every single outfit ever. From patterns to plain colors, they can make every basic outfit better. 

@joana_staygold                                                                             via: insta

Baguette Bag

The baguette bag is an under shoulder bag that can bring up any outfit. 

The bag is long and available in many different patterns and designs. I think they are perfect for every outfit that feels like it’s missing something. 

@gwenethpaltrow               via: press

Cheetah Print

The cheetah print is a pattern that has been in fashion since the 90’s. It can be layered on a graphic tee or literally anything to get that multi-patterned look. I love the pattern and it works well on anything. 

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