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A Moment in History: The Big Bang

Welcome to my new post, “A Moment in History.” Throughout the school year, I will be featuring a significant moment in history. Up first, of course, is the beginning of time itself: The Big Bang.

Our story starts, 13 billion years ago, before there is space or time. Before there are stars, galaxies, black holes, or even dinos! Only nothingness. Suddenly, in a point that was both everywhere and nowhere at once, the universe violently exploded in a burst of heat! Not fire, just heat. All the tiniest pieces of matter were bumping into each other, too fast to form larger particles. It was chaotic. A few thousand years later, the universe’s building blocks combined to make atoms, then molecules, then eventually, stars and planets began to form, creating outer space as we know it today. But there was no Earth to see it from. That will happen next week.

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