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Bad Maps, Part 2

Bad Map #16

Wait, HOW MANY Polands are there?

Ranking: Poland/10

Bad Map #17

Well, you got some right…

Ranking: 5.5/10

Bad Map #18

Le France honhonhon

Ranking: 🇫🇷/10

Bad Map #19

Actually, not too bad!

Ranking: 9.5/10

Bad Map #20

Again, not bad!

Ranking: 9/10

Bad Map #21

*sad Balkan noises*

Ranking: 😞 🇷🇸/10

Bad Map #22

Why is the USA here?

Ranking: ‘MURICA/10

Bad Map #23

Mini-Poland? Mozartland? Not on my map.

Ranking: What/10

Bad Map #24

What the heck happened here?

Ranking: Nope/10

Bad Map #25

Not a clue.

Ranking: ?/10

Bad Map #26

Squaresies? What?

Ranking: ⏹/10

Bad Map #27

Wait, what?

Ranking: Not the USA/10

Bad Map #28

Wibbly Wobbly Border Worder?

Ranking: What the/10

Bad Map #29

Former Communists, lol.

Ranking: Soviet Union/10

Bad Map #30

Well, at least you got it right!

Ranking: 10/10

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