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How to Relax Over the Long Weekend

Have you ever had a break that’s been so incredibly boring that you happily anticipate your return to school? Well, worry not! Today, let’s put an end to that depressing predicament. As the four day weekend is pleasantly creeping up on us, let’s discuss five ways to relax over this weekend. 

  1. Play a Board Game with your Family

A classic way to occupy your free time, board games are always a fun way to spend your time. Disclaimer: don’t blame me if any family members feud after getting “sorry-ed.” While you can certainly play a classic game such as Monopoly, The Game of Life, Checkers, or Battleship, there are tons of other lesser-known board games that are even more fun, in my opinion. Games such as Trivial Pursuit, Codenames, What Do You Meme, and Timeline are super fun and fresh. 

  1. Re-Organize/Decorate Your Room

While some may not consider this the most fun activity, it is surely relaxing to provide yourself a clean slate for productivity in your room/workspace. You can sort through your clothes, change the layout of your room, or sort through your bookshelves and rearrange your books alphabetically. Even though this isn’t the most thrilling activity, I assure you that it’s incredibly rewarding.

  1. Hang with your Pet

If you have a pet, make sure to give them extra love while you’re home! Curl up with your pet by the fire and turn on your favorite movie. Even though this activity is simple, it will mean the world to your pet. Or, if you’re brave enough to suffer through the cold, play outside with your pet. If you have a dog, this is a great time to teach them to fetch or do other tricks! 

  1. Binge-Watch a New Series

There are tons of shows available to watch on streaming platforms, new or old, that are entertaining and addicting! My current favorite is Gilmore Girls. It’s an oldie but a goodie! Find a show or a movie that provides you joy and comfort, grab a snack, and sit down for as long as you want and completely indulge!

  1. Baking

Nothing is better than a nice, warm treat on a chilly winter day. For this activity, it’s best with family and friends. Bake sugar cookies, chocolate cake, blueberry muffins, or more! A personal favorite of mine is banana bread–it’s so delicious! Pull up, find the perfect recipe, and spend a few hours crafting a wonderful treat! You can even pair your baked goods with the new show you’ll be watching. 

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