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Wordle Variations That Should Be A Thing

Wordle Variations That Should Be A Thing

Wordle–we all know it, and love it (except when it’s a word that doesn’t include A, I, or E). But with all of the Wordle variations coming out like Nerdle (math wordle) and Worldle (geography Wordle), what are some variations that should exist?

Celebrity Wordle
A version of Wordle where you are given a fact about a celebrity as a hint, and then you have to guess the name of this celebrity. Each day, the number of letters in the name could vary. But let’s just hope any of the Kardashians are never the answer–the amount of Ks in that family is enough to make a challenge round.

Food Wordle
Who doesn’t like thinking about food? In this variation, you’d have to guess the food. Warning, Philadelphians– ‘jimmies’ won’t register as an actual word. It’s SPRINKLES.

Equation Wordle
Although a math Wordle already exists, this one would be all about guessing equations. Disclaimer: X will almost always be yellow. To everyone who always asks “when are we ever going to use this in real life” when memorizing the quadratic formula, this is your time to shine.

Color Wordle
This Wordle would be a walk in the park for any artist, but a challenge for all of us normal people. You’d have to essentially ‘mix’ a color by guessing colors that make this color. If this sounds easy, it’s not–wait until the answer is “cerulean” one day.

Legal Wordle
Did you know that in Pennsylvania, it’s illegal to sing while in the bathtub? For everyone who collects these pieces of information, this would be the game for you. The game would start with giving you the year and state of this law, and it would be up to players to sort through the myriad of laws that the answer could be.

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