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The Musical Season

The end of the year brings Grayson’s long-awaited musicals. This year, with an auditorium and plenty of hard work dedicated to pulling off Les Miserables for the Middle and Upper Schools, and Dr. Dolittle Junior for the Lower School, the Grayson community will have two wonderful musical performances to see. 

As mentioned before, the two musicals this year are Les Miserables and Dr. Dolittle Junior. For anyone who may not know, Les Miserables is a story of tragedy, and the title is translated as “The Miserable.” The main character, Jean Valjean, is released from jail at the start, and promptly breaks parole and begins a new life despite being pursued by the police officer Javert. Eight years later, Valjean adopts a child, Cosette, after a promise to her dying mother, but Valjean’s pursuit and a revolution brewing will threaten their peaceful lives. 

While it’s a great musical, it is mature at times, and has minor cursing and violence and a song that features, or at least hints at, prostitutes and one scene of suicide. Common Sense Media recommends the Les Mis movie for children 13+, though the musical may have a slightly lower rating.

On the other hand, Dr. Dolittle Jr. is a fun story about a wacky but kind doctor who can talk to animals and treats them as patients. When Dr. Dolittle tries to help a seal, he’s wrongly accused of murder. After he proves his innocence, he sets off to search for the Great Pink Sea Snail, the oldest and wisest creature on Earth. 

The Dr. Dolittle musical was recently performed, and there were many exclamations on the adorableness of the entire musical. Anyone could tell a lot of work went into the production, and everyone on that team should be proud.

On the other hand, the production of Les Mis is on Saturday at 7:30. Practice for that musical has been meeting after school and, this week, they have been using time during the school day for practice periods. With multitudes of props, set pieces, microphones, and talent, everyone is very excited for the production of Les Miserable.

The teacher in charge of piecing together the sets for the musicals is Ms. O, the Projects teacher. She noted that the most challenging part of creating the musical has been accessing the space needed for a large-scale production. But afterwards she said: “Thank goodness we have such a good and capable team!”

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