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What’s an Independent Study? An Interview with a Student

Tell me about yourself.

My name is Tristin Hurst. I also go by Doge, but Tristin Hurst is more common. I’m twelve. I go to The Grayson School. I made a hobby of storytelling.

What is an independent study, and what is yours?

An independent study is a certain topic that you choose to study on your own. You study with a teacher once a week. I have two independent studies. One is writing a screenplay that I hope to submit to a network. The other is creating a Minecraft mod using Java.

Why are you doing an independent study?

I just heard that other people were doing it, and I wanted help writing a screenplay.

What got you interested in your topic?

Watching different movies and shows. I thought, what if I make my own movie or show? I got into that for years, storytelling.

What have you been challenged by?

Finding a network that will accept a screenplay from a twelve-year-old kid.

What advice would you give to a student who wants to do an independent study?

Make sure it’s something that you actually want to spend a lot of time on. Make sure to find a teacher who you want to work with, and who knows about what you want to do.

How has your project helped you grow?

Well, I’m happy because I have forty minutes where I get to work at my own pace. I’ve gotten better at writing and grammar. I’m an independent person.

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